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Registration at the place of residence
You can register at the place of residence in two ways:
- through the PSC
To do this, the owner of the housing and the registered citizen with identity documents apply to the PSC.
- via egov.kz
To do this, the registered citizen makes an online request, choosing the service "Registration at the place of residence of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan", fills in all the data. After that, the landlord also gives his consent through eGov.
Issuance of driving licenses
If you want to get a driver's license for the first time, you need to contact the specialized department in your area. The student must pass the theoretical and practical exams. Upon successful delivery, the document will be issued on the same day.
Due to the expiration date, it is necessary to replace the driver's license in advance.
An application for a replacement can be submitted in a specialized public service center and on the egov.kz portal
To do this, you must fill out a form, pay the document fee and provide the old rights.
For additional driving categories, you need to contact a specialized department.
The amount of the fee is 1.25 MCI.
Registration of rights to real estate
When contacting the PSC, you must provide the following documents:
Title documents for real estate;
Technical passport for real estate;
If there is a land plot, an identification document for the land plot;
If there are equity holders in the apartment, then their notarial consent is needed to sell the property;
Certification issued by a notary that at the time of the sale of the apartment, the seller is not married, or a marriage certificate if the seller is married or married, as well as the consent of the spouse to sell the property;
If the owner of the immovable property is a minor or a person with limited legal capacity, it will be necessary to provide the written consent of the owner's trustees;
a receipt confirming the payment of the state duty.
The time for rendering the service is 1 working day.
Also, registration of rights to real estate can be done with a notary.
Issuance of passports, identity cards
An identity card for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan is issued from the age of 16 for a period of 10 years.

A passport is issued at the request of a citizen to confirm his identity abroad for a period of 10 years.

For the first identity document upon reaching the age of 16, it is necessary to apply to the PSC together with the parents.

State duty:
Identity card - 0.2 MCI
Passport - 8 MCI

The term of production of documents is 15 working days

If you wish, you can speed up the term of the service for an additional fee:

If the terms of your documents are coming to an end, contact the PSC in advance.

* When issuing a passport for a child, it is necessary to provide a birth certificate of the child and pay a state fee (the presence of a parent is required), there is no need for a privileged category of citizens to pay a state fee.
Re-registration of cars
There are several ways to re-register a car in your name:
- specialized public service center
- on the egov.kz portal
- through banking applications kaspi.kz, homebank
When re-registering a car, both parties are involved - the seller and the buyer of the car.
Before selling the seller, it is necessary to make sure that there are no debts, if any, pay fines.
The car buyer needs to pay
• State fee for the issuance of state registration plates;
• State fee for the production of a vehicle registration certificate;
• Registration fee.
* Payment must be made at the location of the specialized department of the State Corporation "Government for Citizens"
How to get an EDS without visiting the PSC?
On the eGov.kz portal in the "Services" category, select the section "Receiving EDS remotely"
- Then click on "Order the service online"
- Select "Individual"
- Enter IIN
- Confirm your phone number and go through identity verification via webcam
- Select a folder for storing EDS
- Set a password
- EDS is ready for use

Important! Before following these steps, install the NCALayer program on your computer and check the access to the webcam.
If you do not have access to a computer, you can contact egov corners and public service centers in your city to obtain an EDS.

Kozhikhov Adil Galimzhanovich

Chairman of the Board of NJSC "State Corporation" Government for Citizens "

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