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Development of corporate culture

Corporate values are the basis of the corporate culture, form the unity of views and actions of employees, and contribute to the effective achievement of the goals of the State Corporation.

In 2019, the SANA Codex was approved with an implementation mechanism for the corporate, service and innovation culture of SANA.

Values SANA - is the fundamental belief of every officer and employee of the State Corporation, guided by which their decisions are made in the performance of their official duties and labor and put the State Corporation, as an organization, and each of its employees at the forefront in the daily implementation of its activities.

SANA values (corporate culture code):

S – SENIM (trust):

1) We are always with you, we provide high-quality government services throughout life to the citizens of our country;

2) we are a close-knit team, we think differently, but we are moving towards one goal;

3) we sincerely strive to help everyone who needs our help.

A - АSHYQTYQ (openness):

1) We increase the involvement of citizens and businesses in digitalization;

2) we are open to everyone, we solve problems without hiding or hushing them up;

3) we develop innovation and leadership through digital technology.

N – NÁTIJE (result):

1) Our clients receive quality results;

2) we reward employees for achieving results and development;

3) we are constantly improving our skills.

A – ABYROI (dignity):

1) We are honored to serve our people conscientiously, responsibly and honestly;

2) we speak the truth, keep our word and take responsibility for our actions;

3) we declare zero tolerance for corruption, violations of rights and laws.