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“Government for Citizens” celebrates the 8th anniversary of its creation: how digitalization has changed the sphere of public services

Over 8 years, the State Corporation provided more than 302 million public services.

Today, 1,281 types of services can be obtained through Government for Citizens. Of these, 41 are provided in paper format, 486 in paper-electronic format, and 754 in electronic form.

It should be noted that the leader in government services at the end of 2023 was the issuance of electronic digital signatures – it was ordered 3.4 million times. In second place is the registration of vehicles, in third place is the issuance of driver’s licenses.

Let’s add that “Government for Citizens” today is 263 public service centers and 30 special public service centers with 25 motorhomes (including special sectors), 7 migration service centers and 35 sectors (branches that provide the most popular services) public service centers throughout the country.

“ Government for Citizens” is the embodiment of a “listening state.” Through us they turn to power, through us they receive answers, and our mission is to make this communication quick and effective. The most pressing task for the near future is to create a more open and accessible digital state for Kazakhstanis.

On behalf of the Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry, in collaboration with other departments, we will unite all platforms for the provision of public services into a single space. IIS PSC 2.0, contact center 1414,, eGov mobile on a smartphone, on a home computer, on an operator’s monitor will have a single interface and single processes - you can start and continue the service from any device and anywhere ,” said the Chairman Board of the NJSC "State Corporation "Government for Citizens" Arman Kenzhegaliev .

Among the landmark projects of “Government for Citizens”:

• launch of the mobile application “TsON”;

• creation of the “Unified State Real Estate Cadastre” system;

• transfer of functions of the Civil Registry Office to the State Corporation;

• creation of a network of connection points – access points to government services in public places, for example, in shopping centers;

• implementation of the traffic rules 3.0 system when passing exams on knowledge of traffic rules.

Let us remind you that “Government for Citizens” celebrates the 8th anniversary of its creation. On April 7, 2016, a new non-profit joint-stock company was registered with the justice authorities, the task of which was to “accept applications for the provision of public services and issue results on a “one-window” principle.”