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The Department of Risks and Internal Control of the non-profit joint-stock company “State Corporation “Government for Citizens” was established on the basis of the Risk Management Service of the State Corporation since July 1, 2019.

The Risk and Internal Control Department (hereinafter - the Department) is the structural unit responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of risk management and internal control systems in the State Corporation, which is directly subordinate to the Chairman of the Board of the State Corporation.

The main documents used in the activities of the Department are the International Standard of the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) “Risk Management of Organizations. Integrated Model "(2016), Risk Management Policy of the State Corporation, Policy of the Internal Control System of the State Corporation, describing the vision, goals and objectives of the corporate risk management and internal control system.

Currently, the State Corporation is working on improving the risk management system, as well as developing and implementing an internal control system.

Order of the Chairman of the Board of the State Corporation number 237 on July 1, 2019 the director of the Risk Management Department and the Internal Control of the State Corporation appointed TEZEKOVA Zhanar Sagyndykovna.

Contact information: 010000, Nur-Sultan, Esil district, Kabanbai batyra ave., 17.

Tel.: +7 (7172) 95 51 83