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The State Corporation spoke about the prevention of corruption and fraud when receiving government services

Maximum simplification of the processes for obtaining public services is the most effective way to eliminate corruption risks in the NJSC “State Corporation “Government for Citizens”.

Thus, for the next 7 years, the following goals have been set to simplify processes: completely eliminating the human factor and reducing the time it takes to provide public services, providing at least 90% of all public services in electronic format, transferring at least 50% of public services for socially vulnerable groups to a proactive format population.

At the same time, we note that to facilitate the process of obtaining government services, a number of digital solutions have been introduced that have gained wide popularity among the population. For example, access to digital documents in various mobile applications, obtaining certain government services through mobile services. This serves as an effective tool for eliminating bureaucracy as one of the factors of corruption.

An important way to prevent corruption and fraud in obtaining government services is also to promptly respond to public requests. Success depends on two conditions:

- presence of an active civil position in terms of zero tolerance towards any manifestations of corruption;

- timely informing the Compliance Control Service of the State Corporation about all facts of corruption and fraud when receiving government services.

Let us remind you that if you have information about any facts of corruption, fraud or violation of ethics in the process of obtaining public services, immediately contact 1414 or email