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#WeGiveHeat: the Government for citizens is changing the approach to customer service

Today, in the center of public service No. 1 of the Esil district of the capital, state services were provided to citizens by the chairman of the board of the state corporation "Government for Citizens" Asemgul Baltasheva. In addition to the traditional service, she solemnly congratulated the newly-made parents on the birth of the long-awaited twins, a teacher with 38 years of work experience, with a well-deserved rest, and 16-year-old twins with the receipt of their first identity card in their life. The recipients, along with the documents, received gifts from the chairman of the board of the state corporation.

Let us remind you that at present the state corporation "Government for Citizens" is actively working on the formation of corporate values ​​of employees. In particular, now employees of PSCs congratulate citizens on the most significant events in their lives, such as the birth of a child, obtaining the first identity document, the first driver's license, retirement, etc.

According to Asemgul Baltasheva, thus, the state corporation expresses its readiness to go beyond the simple provision of state services and give a little warmth and kindness, which our society lacks today. “The world is changing, and we must change with it. Show participation, encouragement and joy with citizens. Marketers will call it customer focus, and we call it a human approach, ”says Baltasheva.

It should be noted that the response of citizens was not long in coming. “We are very pleased that the first document was presented to our children personally by the chairman of the state corporation. We hope that with her light hand the road of our daughters will be just as successful and bright, ”says Renat Shaimardanov, the father of the twins Danelia and Adalin.

Saltanat Artykova has worked in education for 38 years. Her students work both in Kazakhstan and abroad. It is admitted that this is the first time I have encountered such service in the public services sector: “I have a very pleasant impression that I am being escorted to a well-deserved rest. Thank you very much. It is pleasant to realize that there are organizations in our state where they show such participation to their citizens. "

A new service concept in PSCs was launched in September this year. Within the framework of the project # WeDarimTeplo received services to almost 20 thousand Kazakhstanis throughout the country. And this is not the limit. Following the chairman of the board of the state corporation, starting this week, services in the public service centers will be provided by the entire top management of the Government for citizens, from deputy chairmen of the board to managing directors. In the regions - directors of branches and their deputies. All of them will also congratulate clients on the most significant events in their lives.