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Mandatory reservations are canceled at public service centers

From August 23, Kazakhstanis can visit city public service centers without mandatory reservations. At the same time, reception with status check through the Ashyq system is maintained.

“Mandatory booking was the main requirement of sanitary doctors; this mode of operation did not allow everyone to be accepted, and the date of booking often stretched out for weeks in advance. Clients with a safe and neutral status can now receive public services without the obligatory preliminary booking of a visit. At the same time, the opportunity to book a visit electronically remains in the previous mode. In this case, the client will have an advantage, so he will be able to get to the operator without a long wait. We understand that the flow of visitors will increase, so we ask you not to forget about sanitary safety measures - wear masks, maintain social distance, use sanitizers." said the chairman of the board of “Government for Citizens” A. Kozhikhov.

In addition, the Government for Citizens State Corporation has integrated the coupon issuing system with Ashyq. This allows you to check the client’s status when issuing coupons for the queue at the Public Service Center. When typing the client’s IIN on the terminal, the information is compared with the data in the Ashyq system; if an unsafe status is detected, the program displays a refusal in the coupon printout.