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The government for citizens forms its personnel reserve

This was announced on his Facebook page by the chairman of the board of the state corporation "Government for Citizens" Adil Kozhikhov. Applications for participation in the talent pool (talent pool) will begin on March 1, 2021.

“Minister Musin Baghdat has already shared with his readers about the personnel reserve. We plan to form a talent pool - in the future, a strong team of professionals. Anyone can take part, submit an application - the reserve will be formed not only from existing employees, ”wrote Adil Kozhikhov.

Persons with higher education and work experience of at least 5 years can participate in the project. The availability of an advanced degree for applicants will be an advantage when enrolling in the reserve.

Registration and online selection will be made on the website from March 1.

The project participants will go through three stages of selection. In the initial two, candidates will pass a logical test and a test for knowledge of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The final stage will be an interview with members of the expert council, consisting of government and public figures, HR experts and members of the board of the state corporation. Applicants with the highest score and passing the interview stage will be enrolled in the talent pool for subsequent appointment to the corresponding vacant positions.