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Service 111: protecting the interests of families, women and children

Contact center 111 in the “Government for Citizens” received about 9 thousand calls in four months. At the same time, almost 500 calls to the 111 Service are reports of violence and cruelty, often against children.

The most common questions that citizens address relate to the areas of legal advice, social protection, education, and health care.

With the help of the 111 Service and concerned citizens, in recent months we have been able to resolve several difficult situations: we helped a disabled girl cope with school bullying, rescued a man from slavery, with the support of the akimat, restored the housing of a low-income family after a fire, fulfilled the dream of an elderly single father - to take his son to circus, and also helped him get a travel card, with which the boy gets to his school every day. 111 Service consultants consider each call not as a separate issue, but as an opportunity to solve several problems for a particular family.

Women aged 30 to 44 years use the 111 Service most often – their calls account for 60%. This is the most active public group that protects the rights of children and fights against arbitrariness in the family.

Lawyers and psychologists of the contact center support and advise each person who contacts them until their problem is resolved, and, if necessary, pass on information to law enforcement agencies.

The 111 service for the protection of family, women, and children's rights has been under the jurisdiction of the “Government for Citizens” since October 16, 2023. You can call 111 24 hours a day, anonymity and protection of personal data are guaranteed. The contact center is in constant contact with the police, registers all calls and monitors the situation with each family until the crisis is resolved.