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Now the theory in special public service centers is accepted by employees of the State Corporation

New rules for taking theoretical exams have been introduced in specialized public service centers. Now organizational and technological support for examination procedures is carried out by the State Corporation. Previously, this was done by outsourcing companies.

This innovation is due to the fact that “Government for Citizens” often received complaints from clients about poor quality service when providing government services in special public service centers. To eliminate such incidents, the State Corporation decided to independently organize the testing process. Thus, not only the quality, but also the safety of testing will increase.

At the same time, we note that previously theory testing was carried out using the Traffic Regulations 2.0 system. From October 16, the State Corporation switched to the new traffic rules 3.0 system. Thanks to her, the process of obtaining a driver's license becomes transparent and fair.

It is important to note that when taking the theoretical exam, it is possible to audio and video record the testing process. Biometric personal identification is also carried out in accordance with the amendments to the Rules for taking exams for driving licenses.

In addition, the State Corporation previously introduced video surveillance in examination rooms. At the same time, everyone can watch the exam taking place both in the waiting rooms and online. Please note that those clients who were caught using auxiliary equipment or cheat sheets were deprived of the right to take the exam for 3 months.

Let us remind you that you can retake the theory the next working day. If there are two negative test results, no earlier than one month later.