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You can now apply for a refund of erroneous pension and social contributions online

The State Corporation continues to work on the digitalization of in-demand government services. Thus, for the convenience of citizens, as part of a pilot project, services for the return of overpaid (erroneously) paid social contributions and erroneously credited amounts of mandatory pension contributions have been implemented through the e-government portal.

It should be noted that the innovation will not only simplify the process of returning erroneously transferred funds for service recipients, but will also significantly reduce the burden on the State Corporation’s employees. In order to submit an application, the employer needs to fill out the data on the e-government portal. In this case, it is necessary to indicate the details of the payer and the payment order. By the way, we add that the return of social and pension contributions is necessary for the correct calculation and assignment of social benefits for pregnancy and child care up to 1.5 years.

“Previously, employers had to contact the State Corporation with a paper application for a refund. Often applications were sent through the postal service and took a long time to arrive. We met citizens and implemented a service on the portal for their convenience. Now employers and payers will be able to significantly save time and use the services without being distracted from their business. Also, thanks to automation, the time for providing services has been reduced from 15 to 12 working days. In addition, applicants will have the opportunity to track the status of the application,” said Deputy Chairman of the Board of the State Corporation Askhat Ibraev.

By the way, we add that the service was implemented in accordance with a joint order between the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Digital Development and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The implementation of the innovation became possible thanks to the joint efforts of the NJSC “State Corporation “Government for Citizens” and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Let us remind you that earlier organizations launched a service for obtaining information about social payments through mobile applications of second-tier banks.