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Kazakhstanis do not need to contact PSCs to clarify the address of the property

The State Corporation "Government for Citizens" reminds that, according to Article 6 of the Law "On State Registration of Rights to Real Estate", in cases where a change in the identification characteristics of real estate occurs by a decision of state bodies, registration of changes cannot be assigned to the copyright holder.

In particular, such changes include a change in the names of settlements, street names, as well as the serial number of buildings and other structures (addresses) or a change in cadastral numbers in connection with the reform of the administrative-territorial structure of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

State registration of changes in the identification characteristics of real estate that occurred by decision of state bodies is carried out through the integration of state information systems.

Thus, now, when the address of a real estate object is changed in the certificate of registered rights and technical characteristics of the real estate object, the address of the real estate is displayed with the historical data of the address (the old name of the address is written next to the new address). For example, Nur-Sultan, st. Mangilik El, 10 (formerly Astana, Orynbor St., 10).

At the same time, the previous information is preserved in the documents of title, while the address of the real estate objects is not required to be clarified.