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Kazakhstanis began to register online more often

Since the beginning of the year, more than 1.2 million Kazakhstanis have registered with the help of the e-government portal at their place of residence, while only 699 thousand service recipients preferred the traditional method of registration through the PSC. Thus, in 2020, there is an increase in the flow of citizens for the service "Registration at the place of residence of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan" on the portal egov. kz almost 2 times.

It is noteworthy that even last year for the same period, the numbers were fundamentally different. More than 2.1 million registration services received through the PSC, against 726 thousand on the e-government portal.

According to the chairman of the board of the state corporation "Government for Citizens" Asemgul Baltasheva, a sharp jump in preference for electronic services is associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of public service centers for the period of emergency. “The pandemic has given a dramatic impetus to the development of electronic services. If earlier everyone, young and old, preferred to personally visit the public service center even for the most insignificant certificates, then in the conditions of quarantine and fears for their health, citizens still switched to the maximum extent to independently receiving public services online. As a single provider of public services, where thousands of citizens come every day, this cannot but rejoice us. An opportunity is being created to provide citizens with other, more complex services, ”Baltasheva said.

In order to register at the place of residence on the e-government portal, the applicant and the owner of real estate must have an electronic digital signature. To the applicant - to submit the application, to the owner - to confirm it. Residency registration services can be found in the section "Citizens" - "Citizenship, migration and immigration" - "Population registration and deregistration".

Recall that since June 2019, citizens' registration services at the place of residence have been carried out by employees of the Government for Citizens State Corporation. This made it possible to provide registration services in accordance with the work schedule of public service centers, i.e. from 9.00 am to 20.00 pm without a lunch break, increased the number of employees who have the opportunity to register in the migration police database, and also reduced the queues for this type of service.