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Women in Kazakhstan apply less for public services

On the eve of International Women's Day, the Government for citizens calculated how many women apply for public services.

As it turned out, in 2020, 6.2 million women turned to the state corporation for various services. Considering that in general, the Government provided 13 million public services for citizens during this period, 45% of them were provided to the fair sex.

The number of women who applied for an electronic digital signature in comparison with men is only one percent higher. For example, if last year 4.7 million digital signatures were issued through public service centers (including 300 thousand digital signatures for legal entities), of which almost half of 2.2 million were received by lovely ladies (51%).

The smallest figure comes out among motorists. In 2020, they issued 173 thousand driver's licenses, which is only 21% of the total number of issued licenses.

In addition, the state corporation spoke about the recipients of various types of benefits. For example, benefits for large families are received by 440 thousand families, 229 thousand mothers receive benefits in connection with the awarding of awards "Altyn alka", "Kumis alka", "Maternal glory" year was assigned to 430 thousand mothers.