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Instructions for pre-attaching documents

If you have a foreign passport, attaching other documents is not required.
If you have an internal passport, a notarized translation into Latin is required.

1. Attach scanned copies of documents in the "send documents" section;

2. Fill out the form:

1) full name in Cyrillic;

2) full name in Latin;

3) Date of birth;

4) Gender;

5) Citizenship;

6) Nationality;

7) Country of departure;

8) Name of the identity document (passport, birth certificate);

9) Series and number of the passport;

10) Country of issue;

11) Date of issue;

12) Data on the place of birth: Country, Region, district. In case of birth on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, indicate the region in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

13) Indicate the address of residence in the Republic of Kazakhstan: region, district.

3. Attach scanned copies of the passport, notarized translation (if necessary), power of attorney (if necessary);

4. Register application ID;

Contact the PSC to fill out an application for the formation of an individual identification number (IIN).

When visiting a public service center, it is possible to pre-book a queue through the telegram bot "".