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PSC managers will work in the developers' offices

State Corporation "Government for Citizens", as a single provider, provides a number of government services in the field of registration of rights to real estate, mortgage of movable property, technical inspection of real estate. By placing a manager in their office, developers and their clients will receive public services quickly and efficiently, without contacting the PSC.

At an online meeting, the chairman of the board of the state corporation, Adil Kozhikhov, told construction companies in the city of Nur-Sultan about the advantages of placing a personal manager directly in the offices of developers.

“Our managers, being in the sales departments of developers, will be able to significantly reduce the time of clients for registering real estate with drawing up a sale / donation agreement without notarial confirmation, followed by issuing a finished document. As of today, PSC operators are located in 2 sales departments of BI-Group and in one department of G-Park, which, of course, positively affected the terms and quality of services provided, ”said the chairman of the state corporation.

Also, the state corporation presented to developers the Blockchain technology used when registering a real estate pledge agreement for individuals. At the moment, the technology has been piloted with one of the second-tier banks. The technology simplifies the process of registering a pledge agreement, excluding trips to the PSC for a certificate of encumbrances, everything happens automatically when an application is formed by a bank employee. As part of the expansion of technology, the state corporation plans to include other services, such as registration of pledge agreements for legal entities, removal of encumbrances and implementation of functions of re-pledge for individuals and legal entities.