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Dear respondent!
We invite you to express your opinion on the quality of the provision of services in the public service departments of the State Corporation.
Recommend PSC as an operational center for the delivery of the public services? (note on the scale, where 1 in any case is not recommended, 10 - everything and always recommend)

Are you satisfied with the quality of the received government services?

Rate on a scale from 1 to 5 what did you particularly like / dislike when receiving public services at the PSC?


An electronic queue

Are You satisfied with waiting time in the queue

The efficiency of the workers in the provision of services

The ability to obtain the necessary information quickly, clearly, in the same language

An opportunity not to wait in line for more than 10 minutes

Job consultants in the area of self-service/ reception

Uninterrupted operation of the system

Culture and service

Polite and friendly staff

The responsiveness of the employees are in


Convenience, comfort, design and the sanitary condition of the waiting areas

Availability (good office location, proximity to bus stops)

The possibility to use the area for children

A sufficient number of Parking spaces

A sufficient number of serviceable equipment in the self service area

Do you use online service for receiving state services?

For what reasons did you most often have to deal with claims and complaints?

Was whether a question or problem that You are being treated?

Are You satisfied with efficiency of consideration of the appeal or complaint?

Do You essential question feedback on Your requests and complaints?

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