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Issuance of a certificate of approval of a vehicle for the carriage of dangerous goods in international traffic
Issuance of a permit to enter (exit) into the territory (from the territory) of a foreign state to carriers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, carrying out regular road transport of passengers and baggage in international traffic
Subsidizing interest rates for lending to subjects of the agro-industrial complex, as well as leasing for the purchase of farm animals, machinery and technological equipment
The conclusion of the authorized body of states - members of the Eurasian Economic Community on the transit of hazardous waste through the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union
Issuance of a crew member certificate
Issuance of a brand of caviar of sturgeon species of fish for trade in the domestic market of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Distribution of quotas for the seizure of objects of the animal world on the basis of approved limits
Subsidizing the development of agricultural production management systems
Reimbursement of costs for the development and / or examination of a comprehensive plan for an industrial and innovative project
Issuance of the decision on the approval of the special arrangement of stationary facilities for the distribution of religious literature and other informational materials of religious content, religious items
Issuance of a decision on the construction of religious buildings (structures), determining their location
Issuance of a decision on the coordination of the location of premises for religious events outside religious buildings (structures)