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PSCs ask Kazakhstanis to evaluate their work

The State Corporation "Government for Citizens" has launched a system for assessing the quality of the PSC work using a QR code. Service recipients can provide feedback regarding the service process, department infrastructure, and service culture. To date, more than 500 citizens have managed to leave their comments and evaluate the quality of the work of public service departments.

In each of the 339 departments, visitors can find installed stands with a QR code. By using the app that reads QR codes, customers can instantly go to the survey page on their smartphone. Citizens can tell whether they are satisfied with the work of the operator, whether they were comfortable with the service, whether they received the necessary information, etc. In addition, service recipients can leave wishes and reviews by attaching a photo or video from the department they visited.

Feedback is needed by the Government for citizens to find out the opinion of service recipients on the activities of the state corporation and to determine their level of satisfaction. Also, the results of the survey will help identify shortcomings in departments and quickly eliminate them.

It should be noted that the survey can also be completed independently on the official Internet resource of the state corporation in the "Feedback" section.