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Special professional state allowance: 160 million tenge were paid from the republican budget per month

In January, public service centers accepted more than 1,200 applications for special professional state benefits. This tool to support workers in hazardous industries was first introduced in Kazakhstan in 2024. Over 160 million tenge has already been paid to applicants from the republican budget for the month.

Most Kazakhstanis applied for benefits in Karaganda, Kostanay, East Kazakhstan and Akmola regions.

A special professional state allowance in the amount of two subsistence minimums is part of a special social payment, which also consists of payments from insurance companies, payments from employers and payments from the Unified Pension Fund due to mandatory professional pension contributions.

Benefits are provided to people over 55 years of age and continue until retirement age. Necessary conditions - the employee must have accumulated mandatory professional pension contributions for at least 7 years in the UAPF, and he has already stopped working in harmful conditions - quit or transferred to an easy job.

An application for a special professional state benefit can be submitted in person at the Public Service Center. Also, Kazakhstanis are assigned benefits in a proactive format - if a corresponding offer is received on the phone from the number 1414, they must agree to it.