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The state corporation increased wages for employees

With the support of the Government and the Ministry of Digital Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, from July 1, 2023, the wages of employees of regional branches of the State Corporation will increase by 50%.

In 2022, the State Corporation increased employee wages twice. Thus, taking into account last year’s increase, the actual total increase in wages amounted to more than 100%.

“Human capital is the most important factor in the country’s economic growth and effective work. We understand that the work of our employees in the name of our citizens and country is invaluable and should be duly rewarded. Therefore, at the moment we are implementing a project to decentralize corporate functions, which will allow branches to independently pay bonuses to employees,” said Chairman of the State Corporation Suyenish Abdildin.

Thus, the State Corporation managed to decentralize a number of corporate functions, thereby simplifying current work processes, increasing the responsibility and independence of branches in decision-making. Moreover, one of the main goals is to optimize costs for subsequent bonus payments to branch employees from saved funds, the size and basis of which will also be determined independently at the level of branch management. This will serve as an additional tool for rewarding employees for effective work.

Let us add that today the State Corporation employs about 22 thousand employees. These are 20 branches, 327 front offices and 671 back offices, 33 mobile public service centers.