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Entrepreneurs began making the first Unified payments from the wage fund

Since the beginning of this year, Kazakhstan has introduced a single payment from the wage fund for micro and small businesses. It includes individual income tax on employee income, mandatory pension contributions, social contributions, contributions and deductions for compulsory health insurance.

The specified payments began to be received into the account of the NJSC "State Corporation "Government for Citizens", which were successfully processed and sent to the relevant funds (UAPF, SFSS, FSMS) and to the State Revenue Committee at the place of registration.

For reference: the wage fund represents certain funds of the business entity that were used to pay the team. It includes the wage fund, social and other payments.

Note that the Single Payment was introduced in order to reduce the total burden on the wage fund from the previously effective 34%. Its rate from January 1, 2023 is set at 20% with an increase to 26.3% by 2028, taking into account the introduction of mandatory pension contributions by employers and an increase in social contribution rates.

By the way, the Single Payment rate will increase annually due to the introduction of mandatory employer pension contributions from January 1, 2024 with a gradual increase in the rate from 1.5% to 5% in 2028, as well as due to the change from January 1, 2025 for single payment payers, the rate of social contributions to the State Social Insurance Fund from 3.2% to 4.5%.

It is important to note that micro and small businesses must pay a single payment no later than the 25th day of the month following the reporting month. Payment can be made through second-tier banks or organizations that carry out certain types of banking operations to the account of the NJSC “State Corporation “Government for Citizens”.