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Now, public services in Public Service Centers can be paid using QR in the Homebank application. The project, using QR-code and mobile QR-payments based on mVisa technology, was implemented jointly by NJSC “GK“ Government for Citizens ”and Halyk Bank.

When visiting a public service center, citizens can immediately, without queues and long waiting times, instantly and securely pay for received public services using a QR code in the Homebank application, without the need to manually enter payment card data.

In order to use this method of paying for public services, you must:

  • order a service from a PSC manager, who will form an application and a QR code for payment within a minute. The QR code is generated individually for each service and for each client.
  • using the Homebank application in your smartphone, activate the QR code icon;
  • by scanning the QR code generated on the monitor screen of the manager serving you, make an instant payment.
  • This service can also be used by users of other banking applications and applications of Kazakhstan mobile operators with a built-in QR-payment function.
Currently, in PSCs, you can pay for most public services, including apostille of official documents issued by the justice authorities, other state bodies, as well as notaries of the Republic of Kazakhstan, obtaining a marriage certificate, applying for a repeated certificate of changing the name, surname, patronymics, cancellation of civil registration records and much more.