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Land relations services are being digitalized in Kazakhstan

Five more public services in the area of ​​land relations in Kazakhstan have been transferred online.

Now such services as "Providing information from the state land cadastre", "Determination of the cadastral (estimated) value of a land plot", "Coordination of a projected land plot with graphic data of AIS GZK", "Production and issuance of acts for a land plot", " Providing information about the quality condition of the land "will be available on the e-government portal

At present, all the necessary regulatory legal acts have been approved by the relevant government agencies, and the services have been launched in test mode on the portal. After the entry into legal force of the legal force, anyone can get these services on the portal.

According to Madi Sadanov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Government for Citizens State Corporation, services related to land relations have always been distinguished by the difficulty of obtaining them. “Most of the land services were provided exclusively in paper form and only with a personal visit of the service recipient to the front offices of the state corporation. In the age of digital technologies, being tied to the place of residence, waiting for the result of the service for several days, or even weeks, of course, does not fit into any framework. Therefore, we revised the terms of rendering the most demanded services in the area of ​​land relations and minimized them. In addition, the availability on the portal will allow you to receive them without reference to the place of residence, i.e. anywhere in the world. The main condition is to have an electronic digital signature, "Sadanov said.

So, if earlier the period of approval of the projected land plot with the graphic data of the AIS GZK was 15 calendar days, now it has been reduced to 7 working days. The production time for the identification document was reduced from 6 working days to 4. The terms for submitting information from the state land cadastre have been reduced from 3 working days to 15 minutes. And so on for all five services.

It should be noted that the new services will be available in the subsection "Land relations", section "Real estate" portal

We will remind that earlier the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in his message ordered to digitize business processes as much as possible. “Data” should “run”, not people.

For reference:

For 9 months of this year, through the front offices of the state corporation "Government for Citizens", more than 205 thousand acts on the land plot were issued, more than 17 thousand definitions of the cadastral (estimated) value of the land plot, about 4 thousand information from the state land cadastre, about half a thousand information about quality condition of the land. Also, about 52 thousand projected land plots were approved.