Assignment of benefits for childbirth and childcare

Assignment of benefits to mother or father, adoptive parent (s), guardian (curator) raising a disabled child

Reimbursement of the cost of home-based education for children with disabilities

The purpose of the payment of benefits to the guardians or trustees for the maintenance of an orphan (orphans) and a child (children) left without parental care

Appointment of social benefits for cases of social risks: disability; loss of breadwinner; job losses; loss of income due to pregnancy and childbirth; loss of income in connection with the adoption of a newborn child (s); losses

Appointment of state special benefits

Appointment of a special state allowance

Appointment of state social benefits for disability, survivor and age

Assignment of retirement benefits by age

Appointment of the state basic pension payment

Payment of the difference between the amount of actually made mandatory pension contributions, mandatory professional pension contributions, taking into account the level of inflation and the amount of pension savings

Assignment of social assistance to social specialists living and working in rural areas for the purchase of fuel

Registration of citizens suffered from nuclear tests at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site, a one-time payment of the state monetary compensation, issuance of certificates

The provision of social support measures to specialists in the field of health care, education, social security, culture, sports and the agro-industrial complex, who arrived to work and live in rural areas

Assignment of social assistance in the form of monthly payments to citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan after the completion of the capitalization period of payments for compensation for harm caused to the life and health of employees of legal entities liquidated due to bankruptcy

Issuance of a certificate to a rehabilitated person

Assignment of Housing Assistance

Registration and priority, as well as the adoption by local executive bodies of a decision on the provision of housing to citizens who need housing from the state housing stock or housing rented by the local executive body in private housing

Appointment of a lump sum payment for burial

Granting wheelchairs to disabled people

Paperwork for the provision of special social services in the context of home care

Paperwork for the provision of special social services in medical and social institutions (organizations)

Paperwork for people with disabilities to provide them with the services of an individual assistant for people with disabilities of the first group who have difficulty in moving, and a sign language specialist for people with hearing disabilities

Paperwork for disabled people to provide them with prosthetic and orthopedic care

Provision of disabled people with typhoid-technical and mandatory hygiene products

Providing disabled people with spa treatment

Assignment of allowance for the care of a disabled person of the first group since childhood

Making pension payments from pension savings generated from mandatory pension contributions, mandatory professional pension contributions from a single accumulative pension fund

Assignment or extension of oralman status

Issue or renewal of certificate to a foreigner or a stateless person on the relevant qualifications for self-employment

Issuance of information on the status and movement of social contributions to a participant in the system of mandatory social insurance

Appointment of state benefits to mothers of large families, awarded with pendants "Altyn Alkқa", "Kumys Alka" or previously awarded the title "Mother Heroine", awarded the orders of "Mother Glory" of I and II degrees