Accreditation of subjects of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities

Accreditation of legal entities applying for a comprehensive non-departmental examination of construction projects

Issue of permission for the transit of products subject to export control

Issue of permission to re-export products subject to export control

Registration and accounting of chemical products

Issuance of permits for the use of technologies, technical devices, materials used at hazardous production facilities, hazardous technical devices

Issuance of permission to attract money of interest holders

Issuance of a license for the right to engage in activities on the occasional transportation of passengers by buses, minibuses in intercity interregional, interdistrict (intercity intraregional) and international communications, as well as regular passenger transportation a

Issuance of an audit license

Issuance of archival certificates, copies of archival documents or archival extracts

Issuance of a permit for temporary export of documents of the National Archival Fund owned by the state outside the Republic of Kazakhstan