Subsidizing the development of agricultural production management systems

Subsidizing the cost of the examination of the quality of raw cotton and cotton fiber

Reimbursement for the laying and growing of plantations of fast-growing tree and shrub species

State registration of collateral (deregistration) of tractors and self-propelled chassis and mechanisms made on their basis, trailers for them, including trailers with mounted special equipment, self-propelled, agricultural, reclamation and

Distribution of quotas for the seizure of objects of the animal world on the basis of approved limits

Issuance of a brand of caviar of sturgeon species of fish for trade in the domestic market of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Coordination of installation of fish protection devices for water intake facilities

The adoption by local executive bodies of the region of a decision on the fixation of hunting grounds and fishery reservoirs and (or) plots to users of the animal kingdom and the establishment of easements for the needs of hunting and fisheries

Issuance of a phytosanitary certificate for the export of regulated products outside the Republic of Kazakhstan