Taxpayer Registration

Registration accounting entity engaged in private practice

Assigning a personal identification number (PIN) to manufacturers (importers) of certain types of petroleum products, as well as to goods of manufacturers and importers of certain types of excisable products, aviation fuel and fuel oil

Issuance of a decision on the classification of goods in an unassembled or unassembled form, including incomplete or incomplete form, the import of which is expected by various parties within a certain period of time

Issuance of a certificate of the amount of income received from sources in the Republic of Kazakhstan and withheld (paid) taxes

Changing the deadlines for the fulfillment of tax obligations for the payment of taxes and (or) fees

Change in the timing of payment of import customs duties

A review of tax reporting

Confirmation of the residency of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Acceptance of tax reporting

Acceptance of tax forms for export (import) of goods in the Eurasian Economic Union

Making a preliminary decision on the origin of the goods

Adoption of preliminary decisions on the classification of goods

The suspension (extension, resumption) of tax reporting

Conducting tests and tax refunds, payments to the budget, fines, penaltie

Inclusion in the register of owners of warehouses for storing their own goods