State registration of rights (encumbrances) to real estate

Issue of a duplicate title document for real estate

Entering into the legal cadastre of identification and technical information of buildings, structures and (or) their components to the newly created real estate, issuing a technical passport of real estate and conclusion

Issue of a duplicate of a technical passport of real estate

Registration of a pledge of movable property that is not subject to mandatory state registration

Issuance of copies of registration documents certified by the registration authority, including the plan (schemes) of real estate objects

Issuing a certificate to determine the address of real estate objects on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Determining the cadastral (estimated) value of a land plot

Making and issuing certificates for the right of temporary gratuitous land use

Preparation and issuance of certificates for the right to temporary paid (long-term, short-term) land use (lease)

Preparation and issuance of certificates for permanent land use

Making and issuing certificates of private ownership of land

Providing information about the quality of the land plot

Provision of land for the construction of an object within the locality

Coordination of the projected land plot with graphic data of the automated information system of the state land cadastre

State registration of a condominium

Issuance of extract from the registry of registration of pledged movable property

Issuance of an appendix to the technical passport containing information about the owner (copyright holder) of real estate

Issuance of certificates of registered and terminated rights to real estate

Issuance of abstract of registered title (encumbrances) to immovable property and its technical characteristics

Issuance of a certificate of absence (presence) of real estate