The Compliance Control Service of the NAO "State Corporation" Government for Citizens (hereinafter-the Service, the State Corporation, respectively) was established in May 2021 by the decision of the Board of Directors of the State Corporation.

By the decision of the Board of Directors of the State Corporation dated May 20, 2021, Damir Kalimbekovich Karashev was appointed to the post of head of the Service.

Compliance control (from the English compliance – consent, compliance) is an internal control system.

Following the best international practice, the State Corporation strives to improve existing corporate standards in its activities, based on the values, principles and behavior of corporate ethics reflected in the Code of Business Ethics of the State Corporation and adhering to zero tolerance in relation to corruption and fraud.

In order to avoid reducing the quality of public services, destroying trust in state institutions, the State Corporation contributes to the fight against corruption and assumes additional obligations in the field of prevention and prevention of corruption and fraud, recommended by Kazakh and international standards.

The anti-corruption and fraud policy is a component of the overall compliance policy, through the adoption of commitments at all levels to establish a culture of integrity, transparency, openness.

Appeals on the facts of violation of anti-corruption legislation, internal regulatory requirements, as well as other illegal actions on the part of officials and employees of the State Corporation are accepted by phone +7(7172) 955038 (ext. 381), as well as by e-mail