The electronic government of the Republic of Kazakhstan
To improve the quality of service, please take a survey
The electronic government of the Republic of Kazakhstan
To improve the quality of service, please take a survey
The electronic government of the Republic of Kazakhstan
To improve the quality of service, please take a survey
The electronic government of the Republic of Kazakhstan
To improve the quality of service, please take a survey
Receiving services through a one-time password
Today you can receive the most popular certificates yourself, without an EDS and without contacting the inspector
Receiving services through a one-time password
Today you can receive the most popular certificates yourself, without an EDS and without contacting the inspector


“Government for Citizen” at once was awarded two prizes of public recognition

In advance of the International Anti-Corruption Day, “Public Recognition Adal Tulga-2019“awarding ceremony was held in the capital, where state-owned corporation “Government for citizen” was highlighted by a special award for the best comfortable conditions for citizens. Earlier, last Friday, state-owned corporation was also highlighted by the Public fund prize “Way for youth“ “Yell Birligi 2019“ for its contribution and support into social projects.

“Public Recognition Adal Tulga-2019“award was organized by the First Anti-Corruption Media Center which is held for more than a year to award citizens of the country for honesty and integrity. In addition to ordinary citizens who concerned for any manifestation of corruption in Kazakhstan, representatives of  media and as well as  organizations, which throughout the year contributed to the fight against  corruption and promoted zero tolerance for it, also received their awards on this day. Thus, the Chairman of the state-owned corporation Asemgul Baltasheva was awarded by Chairman of Agency on countering corruption.

Alik Shpekbayev said: “Among 193 countries, Kazakhstan was able to enter the top 30 in terms of providing public services, and it tells that we have one of the highest levels of automation and integration. I hope that together we will be able to raise this level even higher next year due to civilian and public control. I also want to note in this achievement the merit of the current leadership of the state-owned corporation. “
Baltasheva said: “This is a very serious award: we work with the population and every day we do everything, so that every Kazakhstani person knows his rights and first of all can receive public services freely. 

“Government for Citizen“is actively working in this direction and I would like to thank the Agency on countering corruption and First Anti-Corruption Media Center on behalf of our entire twenty- thousandth team   for cooperation and for the fact that every Kazakhstani person can feel himself comfortable in any of our front offices.”

By the way, last Friday Public fund  “Way for youth“   under the chairmanship of the public figure Rafael Gasanov, also held  “Yel Birligi 2019” prize award, where “Government for Citizen” received  appreciation of its  transparency and support for significant projects for society.

Over a million Kazakhstani people have PSC in their pocket

Kazakhstani people are massively switching to self-government services. Previously, most of the citizens received services through the electronic government portal, but now the number of service recipients is increasing through the telegram bot EgovKzBot2.0, social networks Vkontakte, Facebook and the updated mobile application Egov mobile.
As the Chairman of the Management board of the state-owned corporation “Government for Citizen”, Assemgul Baltasheva  stated  today more than 7.6 million people are registered in the mobile citizens database. Baltasheva said at today's Government meeting: “Participation in the mobile citizens database provides an opportunity for Kazakhstan people   to use all the amenities and functions which Mobile Government provides. In particular, the use of Egov-mobile mobile application allows to get 28 types of public services, such as certificates from out-patient psychiatric facility, narcological, TB dispensaries, certificates about the presence or absence of real estate, etc. You no longer need to go to PSC to get them, it’s enough once to register in the mobile citizens database and download the application. “
She also noted that more than 205 thousand Kazakhstanis downloaded the updated Egov mobile app in just a month.
Also, in the state corporation they made TOP-5 of the most demanded services through the so-called “PSC in your pocket - a smartphone”. Traditionally, they became such automated certificates as the presence / absence of a criminal record, real estate, tax debt, as well as services for checking administrative fines and providing information about pension contributions. Services such as booking a queue at a public service center, the nearest public service center, viewing the validity period of a technical inspection, etc. are slightly less popular, but no less popular.
Recall that in order to increase the digital literacy of the population in PSCs, the transformation was carried out according to the “60/40“ principle, where 60% are the self-service sector, and 40% are operator’s jobs, and mobile registration sectors have been established where Kazakhstanis can be registered in the base of mobile citizens and teach you how to use the Egov-mobile mobile application and the telegram bot EgovKzBot2.0.
By the way, since the beginning of the year, over 13 million consultations on the skills of using digital innovations and the portal have been provided in the Connection point sectors.


Kazakhstan will increase the number of services provided on the basis of the “one statement”

In order to optimize and improve the quality of 55 public services will be combined into 21 services, drawn up in one application. Composite services will allow Kazakhstan to contact PSC less.
Earlier, as part of the “Digital Autumn. The Beginning “, which was organized by the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and the Aerospace Industry, Asemgul Baltasheva, Chairman of the Government for Citizen State Corporation, said that a new composite service for obtaining an act on land will appear. Now it is necessary to submit 4 different applications for land acts, but already in 2020, all 4 acts will be combined into one service - the production and issuance of identification documents. By the way, the same service will be available on the portal.
“From the principle of “one window “we are gradually moving to the principle of“ one application “so that several visits to the public service centers can be replaced with one application for several services. We are constantly working to improve and simplify public services for you. And the fact that next year 55 different public services will be combined into 21 composite services is another example of our work on optimizing and caring for citizens, “said Assemgul Baltasheva.
One example of the successful implementation of the composite principle was the service for pensioners, launched a year ago by the “Government for Citizen “. During this period, 99.2 thousand pensioners went on well-deserved rest, having submitted only one application instead of four.
Composite service includes the appointment of pension payments by age, the state basic pension payment and pension payments from UAPF. In addition, payment of state guarantees (the difference between the amount of actually made mandatory pension contributions, mandatory professional pension contributions, taking into account the level of inflation and the amount of pension savings) is carried out in a proactive format - without the obligatory physical presence of a person.
By the way, before a person had to come to the public service center and submit 2 applications: to achieve retirement age and to pay basic pensions. A month later, he again applied for a state guarantee, and after that he went to the Unified Accumulative Pension Fund, where he applied for the payment of savings. Now it’s enough to come to the PSC once and leave one application for all 4 services.


Kazakhstan plans to reduce 28 types of certificates

The government proposed to reduce another 28 types of information certificates for citizens. This was stated by Assemgul Baltasheva, Chairman of the Management Board of the Government for Citizens State Corporation, during her speech at the presentation of digital innovations of electronic government.

According to Baltasheva, following the address certificate, such types of services as issuing a certificate of absence / availability of real estate, certificates from psycho, drug and anti TB dispensaries, certificates of registration as unemployed, etc. can disappear. “Annually, in PSCs of Kazakhstan received more than 10 million address certificates per year. They were asked at employment, for registration of children in schools, kindergartens, etc. The cancellation of address certificates means that now Kazakhstanis will visit PSCs 10 million times less, “she added.

The question of the exclusion of these services from the registry will be submitted to the Interdepartmental Commission for the Optimization of Public Services. Based on the results, a decision will be made which of these services will be transferred to the category of information, and which will disappear altogether. These types of certificates are administered by the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Defense, the General Prosecutor's Office, etc. Only ten departments.

Recall, earlier the Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and the Aerospace Industry Askar Zhumagaliyev came up with the initiative to abolish the address certificate. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan supported this idea and integrated its databases with other government agencies. So, from November 1, citizens will be able to verify their registration place in their personal account on the electronic government portal

By the way, the government for citizens annually provides over 30 million public services to Kazakhstanis, more than half of them provide informational reports. It is planned that their abolition will facilitate the life of service recipients, reduce the load on public service centers and reduce paper circulation.

Government for citizen: We will serve you even without a word.

State Corporation “Government for Citizens“provides government services in sign language. To do this, the corporation conducts annual training in sign language skills. Over the 8 months of this year, more than 1.3 thousand front-office workers underwent training, of which 1,149 people passed the test and are free to provide services to Kazakhstanis with hearing and speech impairment.

Every year, September 23 is the International Day of Sign Languages, designed to draw attention to their importance in the lives of millions of deaf and hard of hearing people.

According to the Chairman of the Board of the Government for Citizens State Corporation Asemgul Baltasheva, the Government for Citizens State Corporation provides services to thousands of Kazakhstan citizens every day, however there are special clients, those who need to be listened to with their hearts. “In order to work with people with hearing and speech impairments, front office employees take language courses. The work of such front-office employees is slightly different: more emotional and energy-intensive, -said Baltasheva.

Aizhan Makatova, a specialist in public services in the Kostanay region, who studied sign language, says: “While we had short-term courses, we learned the basics: greeting, farewell, numbers, letters, elementary terms. They learned to ask what service they are interested in, for example, whether the client needs an address certificate, registration, statement, identity card or passport.”

Ayzhan notes that clients with hearing and speech impairments are especially emotional, because they have to show everything with their emotions, gestures: “In a fit of emotions, our customers can hit the table, for example, to attract attention or express their displeasure. But more often, if they liked everything, they hug in gratitude. After such moments, I want to work with a vengeance.”

It should be noted that the state corporation Government for Citizens promotes high social responsibility. It provides home visits to people with disabilities of groups 1 and 2, preferential windows in public service centers. Almost all public service centers are equipped with ramps, call buttons, tactile tracks and braille plates. Currently, 745 people with disabilities are working in various positions in the Government for citizens.

Retiring by SMS

State Corporation Government for Citizens has launched a pilot project to apply for a pension in a proactive manner. The corresponding order to launch a joint pilot was signed between the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At the first stage, the project operates among government employees for citizens, which is almost 22 thousand employees in Kazakhstan.

Earlier, future pensioners had to visit the public service center without fail to arrange services for assigning old-age pension payments, the state basic pension payment and pension payments from a unified accumulative pension fund, now 10 days before reaching retirement age a potential pensioner receives an SMS message a proposal to arrange the service in a proactive way. With the consent of the future pensioner, you just need to enter the word “yes“and send a reply sms.

It is worth noting that in order to arrange the service proactively, a citizen must provide information in advance about his labor activity to the personnel department at the place of work in order to enter it into the Unified System of Accounting for Labor Contracts.

By the way, now 2 employees of the state corporation have issued a pension in a proactive way. These are Raikhan Zholdykulova, an employee of the social block of the Nur-Sultan branch and Lyubov Shestaeva, a land cadaster employee of the state corporation's branch in the Akmola region.

“When working in a state corporation, we are accustomed to the fact that many services are switching to electronic format, and the time for receiving them is being reduced. But I couldn’t even think that I would live to see the moment when I will draw up a pension using an SMS message. I didn’t even have to go anywhere; the personnel department and my mobile phone did all the actions for me. I am proud that all these innovations are born within the walls of my organization, “said Lyubov Viktorovna.

Based on the results of the pilot project, the possibility of its distribution to other organizations will be considered.

Blog of chairman


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