Специалист отдела по обслуживанию населения
Специалист отдела по обслуживанию населения (кадровый резерв)
Specialist of the department for public services (personnel reserve)

Higher (or postgraduate) or secondary professional or technical education in the field of education in the following specialties (preschool education and upbringing, pedagogy and methods of primary education, pedagogy and psychology, primary military training, defectology, music education, fine arts and drawing, physical culture and sports, mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry, biology, history, fundamentals of law and Economics, geography, Kazakh language and literature, Russian language and literature, foreign language: two foreign languages, vocational training, Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh language teaching Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language learning, social pedagogy and self-knowledge); in the field of humanitarian Sciences, specialty (philosophy, international relations, history, cultural studies, Philology, religious studies, translation studies, archaeology and Ethnology, Oriental studies, foreign Philology, theology, Turkology); in the field of law subjects (jurisprudence, international law, law enforcement, customs); in the field of art by specialty (musicology, instrumental performance, vocal art, traditional music art, conducting, directing, acting, pop art, choreography, scenography, composition, cinematography, painting, drawing, sculpture, art history, decorative art,Museum and monument protection, architecture, design, publishing, art management); in the field of social Sciences, Economics and business (sociology, political science, psychology, journalism, regional studies, Economics, management, accounting and audit, Finance, state and local administration, marketing, statistics, world economy, public relations, archives, documentation and documentation support); in the field of natural Sciences (mathematics, computer science, mechanics, physics, nuclear physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, geography, hydrology, astronomy, meteorology); in the field of technical Sciences and technology (biotechnology, automation and control, information systems, computer engineering and software, Mathematical and computer modeling, Geology and exploration of mineral deposits, mining, oil and gas, metallurgy, materials science and technology of new materials, geodesy and cartography, mechanical engineering, transport, transport equipment and technology, aviation equipment and technology, marine engineering and technology, instrumentation, heat power, electric power, radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications, chemical technology of inorganic substances, chemical technology of organic substances, printing, technical physics, Technological machines and equipment (by industry), technology of woodworking and wood products (by application), technology and design of light industry products, food technology, technology of processing industries (by industry), construction, production of building materials, products and structures, life safety and environmental protection, standardization, certification and Metrology (by industry), technology and design of textile materials, mineral processing, technology of materials processing by pressure, flight operation of aircraft and engines, transport construction, Space technology and technologies, pharmaceutical production technology), organization and rationing of labor); in the field of agricultural Sciences in the following specialties (agronomy, technology of production of animal products, hunting and animal husbandry, fisheries and industrial fishing, water resources and water use, agricultural machinery and technology, forest resources and forestry, soil science and Agrochemistry, fruit and vegetable growing, land reclamation, without presenting requirements for work experience without presenting requirements for work experience.

Functional responsibilities: carrying out activities in accordance with the regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan; provides public services in accordance with the approved standards of public services; verifies the completeness of the package of submitted documents; accepts applications for public services and issues the results of public services to the service recipient on the "one-stop-shop" principle in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including in electronic format; provides information to beneficiaries about existing services and projects for obtaining public services.

Contacts: address of testing: Karaganda, ul. Architectural-13 (4th floor), interview address: Karaganda, 5/2 Shakhterov Ave. tel: 8(7212) 21-15-95 mrcsvkrg@mail.ru

Conditions of application:

Documents required for participation in the competition:
1) application in the prescribed form (Appendix No. 1);
2) summary of the established form (Appendix No. 2);
3) a copy of the identity card or passport;
4) a copy of the document on education, qualifications, availability of special knowledge or professional training at the conclusion of an employment contract for a job that requires relevant knowledge, skills and abilities;
5) a copy of the document confirming employment (for persons with work experience):
6) certificate of passing the test for knowledge of legislation with results not lower than the threshold values, valid at the time of submission of documents (hereinafter – the certificate) (or a copy of the certificate);
7) certificate of the presence or absence of a criminal record.

Providing an incomplete set of documents is a ground for refusal to consider them by the competition Commission. The deadline for accepting documents is 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of publication of the announcement of the competition. To get a certificate of passing the test, you must submit an application to JSC "national Center for Public Service Personnel management" at the link:http://ekyzmet.kz/?page_id=770. Addresses of regional departments in the " Contacts "section on the official Internet resource of JSC "national Center for Public Service Personnel management".

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