STATE CORPORATION MISSION is to introduce a proactive principle of providing public services, providing them with a single provider through convenient modern channels using technological solutions and providing a high level of service.

VISION OF STATE CORPORATION - The state corporation is a single platform for receiving services and services that meet the needs of service recipients using proactive, customer-oriented and innovative approaches.

CORPORATE VALUE - the word SANA - senim (trust), abyroi (honor), nàtije (result), ashyqtyq (openness).


  • We are always with you, we provide quality services throughout your life;
  • We are a close-knit team, we think differently, but we are moving towards the same goal;
  • We sincerely strive to help everyone who needs our help;


  • It is an honor for us to serve our people conscientiously, responsibly and honestly;
  • We tell the truth, keep our word and take responsibility for our actions;
  • We declare zero tolerance for corruption, violations of rights and laws;


  • Our customers get a quality result;
  • We reward employees for achieving results and development;
  • We are constantly improving our skills;


  • We increase the involvement of citizens and businesses in digitalization;
  • We are open to everyone, we solve problems without hiding and not hiding them;
  • We are developing innovation and leadership through digital technology.